Digital Sublimation Sialkot

Digital Sublimation is the latest technique of printing that has become very popular in recent times. Saad Sublimation has perfected the art of Digital Sublimation Sialkot and offers beautiful and eye catching printing to it customers at affordable prices. This is a printing technique that makes use of heat sensitive inks. When subjected to high temperatures, these inks become gas and plant themselves on the fibers of the polyester fabric. The results are stunning to say the least and customers love this kind of printing because it never cracks or feels off. This is because of the fact that inks become a part of the structure of the fabric.

Reasons behind its popularity

There are many reasons why digital sublimation is gaining attention of people around the country. Not only is this technique cost effective but also opens up possibilities of endless personalization. This new technique has a very short production run and it offers crystal clear results. Digital-sublimation-printerWe have perfected the art of digital sublimatin

Saad Sublimation invested a lot of time and effort into understanding and perfecting Digital Sublimation Sialkot. Today the company has enough experience and the know how to provide excellent digital printing to its clients with the help of dye sublimation process. This technique of digital printing is being used by the company to create flags, sportswear, fashion apparels, displays, and even interior decoration inside homes, offices, and commercial installations.

Heat sensitive ink is the most important component digital-sublimation The most essential thing for Digital Sublimation Sialkot is of course a heat sensitive dye or ink. However, it takes a high quality inkjet printer and the delicate skill of combining the two that creates the desired results over the medium. Another important role is played by the transfer paper which has high absorption ability and also dries pretty quickly. . It is this paper that releases the ink on to the fibers of the fabric when subjected to heat.

Therefore, this paper should remain stationary and not wave at the time of actual printing. Here it is important to mention that the printers are equipped with the software that handles the entire process of Digital Sublimation Sialkot. It is impossible to manage the minute details of the process without the command and control of this software. Printing is only one of the steps in digital sublimation. It is not complete until the important elements of heat and pressure become involved. This heat and pressure need to be calibrated and controlled in order to get the best results in sublimation printing. This aspect of sublimation printing is handled well by a calendar.

There are many companies making this calendar system. Printing company needs to adopt a calendar system that is fast and also affordable. It should also be easy to use to facilitate smooth Digital Sublimation Sialkot. Saad Sublimation knows very well that this technique called digital sublimation an be carried out only on polyester fabric and also one that has been pre shrunk. The company refuses orders where the customer does not offer 100% polyester fabric.